Finalist - 2010 Champion Screenwriting Competition
Grand Prize - 8th Annual Fade In Awards
Finalist - 7th Annual Big Bear Lake International Film Festival
Semi-Finalist - 2006 Nicholl Fellowships
Semi-Finalist - 2005 Nicholl Fellowships
Finalist - 1998 Austin Film Festival


Dirty Girl (Electrician) - Dirty Girl, LLC
Broken Kingdom (Additional Best Boy Electric) - The Disposables, LLC
Legion (Rigging Electrician, uncredited) - Screen Gems Productions, Inc.
Priest (Rigging Electrician) - Screen Gems Productions, Inc.
I'm Not Like That No More (Additional Best Boy Electric; Electrician) - 701 Productions, LLC
The Deported (Additional Gaffer) - The Deported Productions, LLC
Speed Dating (Additional Gaffer) - Eizzil Entertainment
The Dog Who Saved Christmas (Best Boy Electric; Additional Gaffer; Additional Camera Operator) - Feifer Worldwide
Make the Yuletide Gay (Gaffer; Electrician) - Guest House Films, LLC
Drifter Henry Lee Lucas (Best Boy Electric) - Feifer Worldwide
Becoming Jessie Tate (Best Boy Electric) - Power in Faith, LLC
My Girlfriend's Back (Gaffer) - Olivia Entertainment
Son of Mourning (Gaffer - LA #2 / Electrician - 1st Unit / Best Boy Electric - 2nd Unit) - SOM Films, LLC
Dead Americans (DP / Camera Operator) - Largo Films
A Christmas Proposal (Electrician) - Feifer Worldwide
Dead Air (Electrician) - Antibody Films/Signature Entertainment
Without Borders (Best Boy Electric) - Without Borders, LLC
Hollywood Brats (Gaffer) - Nasser Entertainment Group
Wilde Salome (Electrician) - Salome Productions
Bundy: American Icon (Best Boy Electric) - Feifer Worldwide
Let the Game Begin (Best Boy Electric) - Feverpitch
Player 5150 (Gaffer - 2nd Unit) - Azurelite Pictures
Magic (Dolly Grip) - Animals Are People Too Inc.
Wearing Hitler's Pants (DP / Camera Operator / Actor) - Icon Johnny Productions
Across the Line (Camera Assistant - 2nd Unit) - High Water Productions
Criminals (DP / Camera Operator) - Up and to the Right Productions
Circuitry Man II - Plughead Rewired (Camera Assistant; B Camera Operator) - I.R.S., Plug In Productions
River Bottom (Camera Operator - 1st Unit; Director / DP - 2nd Unit) - River Bottom Productions
Stardom (Camera Operator - 2nd Unit) - Warner Brothers
Die Watching (Camera Assistant) - Ashton Productions
The Long Weekend (Camera Assistant) - Cambridge Films
Ciao Babe (Camera Assistant) - ZTZ
Street Music (Co-Writer / Co-Director) - The Movie Outfit


Inferno (Gaffer) - Jarid Boyce
Finding Home (Gaffer) - James Rhodimer
McCain (Gaffer) - Spirit EMX
Deuce Deuce (Gaffer) - Cherry Sky Films
Styrofoam Soul (Gaffer) - Marty Snyder Productions
Snide Love (Gaffer) - 30/30 Films
The Temerity of Zim (Gaffer) - Filter Films
Just Dinner (Gaffer) - PTV
My Wife is a Zombie (Gaffer) - IndieFilm
Peanut Butter (Gaffer) - Draiocht Films
Patterns (Gaffer) - D,D&D, LLC
Happily Ever After (Co-Writer; DP / Camera Operator) - Film Foundry
True Colors (Still Photographer) - Anne Moebes
Dusk (Camera Assistant) - Frontline Productions
Love & Hate - Short Cinema Journal, Issue: 4 (DP / Camera Operator) - Short Cinema Journal
Authority - Short Cinema Journal, Issue: 3 (DP / Camera Operator) - Short Cinema Journal
Dreams - Short Cinema Journal; Issue: 2 (Camera Assistant) - Short Cinema Journal


Bones (Electrician) - 20th Century Fox TV
Monster of the House (Gaffer) - Northern Monkey, LLC
Money Talk (Camera Operator) - Bailargeon Productions
Lawman (Rigging Electrician) - Woodridge Productions
Co-ed Confidential II (Best Boy Electric) - Hemisphere
Fore! (Gaffer) - Varuna Films
Trick My Trucker (Gaffer) - Varuna Films


Tim Story (DP / Camera Operator) - Broadcast DVD
Filmtown - Title Sequence (DP / Camera Operator) - Big & Tall Productions
Frank Gehry, Architect - A.J. Schnabbel House (DP / Camera Operator) - Architect's Journal
Cartoon Bumpers (B Camera Operator) - Young Cinematographer
George Hickenlooper - Interview: The Big Brass Ring (Camera Assistant) - Short Cinema Journal
Malcolm McDowell - Interview (Camera Assistant) - Short Cinema Journal


Unleashed (Key Grip) - SoMad Pictures
Squeegel, The Dark Chronicles (Gaffer) - Anthony Zuiker
Miss Horrorfest 2007 (Gaffer) - After Dark Films
Online, The Musical (Gaffer) - Fan Rocket


Joining Forces PSA - Tom Hanks (Best Boy Electric) - Giving Revelations, LLC
Canal+ Paul Gasol (NBA) (Best Boy Electric) - Sixteen by Nine Productions
Nature's Source (G&E swing) - Southpaw Productions
The Scooter Store (Best Boy Electric) - Auster Productions
Baby Born (Best Boy Electric) - Creative Combustion TV
Permanently Disabled Jockey's Fund [The Dream] (Gaffer) - Millennium Crop Entertainment
Adriana's Insurance (Gaffer) - Intimayu Productions
CBS Super Bowl XLI Promos (Gaffer) - BPG Productions
JAL - Japan Airlines (DP / Camera Operator) - Big & Tall Productions
Nicktoons (Camera Assistant) - MTV Networks
ABC Promos (Camera Assistant) - Fuzzy Logic Films
Father's Day (Camera Assistant) - Assymetry Prods., FX Network
G.A.B. (DP / Camera Operator) - Moxie Prods.
Stamet (DP / Camera Operator) - Moxie Prods.


Gospel Workout (Electrician) - Southpaw Productions
Breakthrough with Tony Robbins (Electrician) - Straight Wharf Productions
Minolta (DP / Camera Operator) - Avenue Edit
Rhodes Piano Method III (DP / Camera Operator) - Fuzzy Logic Films


Turn Around - Prezcotts (Best Boy Electric) - Balance Pictures
G-O-S-S-I-P - Prezcotts (Best Boy Electric) - Balance Pictures
Do It Again - Ayumi Hamasaki (Electrician) - Bounce Films, Inc.
Dream On - Ayumi Hamasaki (Electrician) - Bounce Films, Inc.
SoundCheck - Kat McPhee (Best Boy Electric) - WalMart/Southpaw Productions
Here in LA - Blackline (Gaffer) - Frank the Plumber Productions
SoundCheck - The Fray (Electrician) - WalMart/Southpaw Productions
The Next Generation - Keith Baxter (DP / Camera Operator; Gaffer) - Draiocht Films
SoundCheck - Ne-Yo (Best Boy Electric) - WalMart/Southpaw Productions
SoundCheck - Yuridia (Best Boy Electric) - WalMart/Southpaw Productions
Captivity - Gus Call (Gaffer)
Always - Johnny Hallyday (Gaffer) - Paradoxal
Boys - Kami Lyle (Director; DP / Camera Operator) - 2014, Circuit Music Journal
Angry Cockroaches - Tito & Tarantula (Director; DP / Camera Operator) - 2014, Circuit Music Journal
Jimmy McGriff (Camera Assistant) - 2014, Circuit Music Journal
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - da da (Camera Assistant) - The End Productions
Katie's Song - Allen Williams (DP / Camera Operator) - Moxie Productions
My Skin - Human Drama (Camera Assistant) - Limelight Productions
The Call - Skyclad (Camera Assistant) - Dobkins Productions


Society of Camera Operators (SOC)
Digital Cinema Society (DCS)
Film Independent (FIND)
IATSE Local 728 Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians

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